1. Fiduciary conduct: Jedi serves in a fiduciary capacity at all times. 
  2. Independence: We have designed our services to provide objectivity in our advice and recommendations based on what is in the client’s best interest. We are not tied to, or required to do business with, any firm.
  3. Fee-based: Jedi is paid fees solely by you, our client, no one else.
  4. Comprehensive wealth management planning: We recognize the importance of understanding all aspects relevant to a client’s finances. Much like a puzzle, not addressing any one financial ‘piece’ will result in an incomplete plan.
  5. Respecting, and adhering to, a prudent process: Absent the implementation of an applicable and appropriate process, it becomes harder to generate desired results over the long-term.
  6. Advisory-centric approach incorporating outside-the-box thinking: All of Jedi’s work efforts are driven by a client’s unique facts and circumstances. We provide advice and offer solutions to help best meet your goals and objectives without being limited, or constrained, in terms of what may be achievable.
  7. Relationship oriented: Jedi seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships by being proactive in addressing client needs based upon an intimate knowledge of you and your situation. Our philosophy is to under- promise and over-deliver by setting clear expectations and providing value-added to your financial affairs. 
  8. Risk management:  It is critical to focus on the downside and what can go wrong, while making contingency plans, as life (and business) is full of bumps and bruises along the way.
  9. Communication/education: We seek to provide our clients with information on important financial and business related topics – including support/rationale for do’s and don’ts.  
  10. Your financial team: We want to make Jedi your financial home. In order to do so we customarily refer, and work with, outside professionals to assist us and our clients in one or more aspects of their financial, estate and business plans.