Welcome to your financial home!

JEDI is a Registered Investment Advisor & Wealth Management Firm rendering services in the areas of personal financial/estate and business planning. JEDI is in the business of providing advice and designing solutions to best meet the goals, needs and objectives at hand.JEDI serves its clients in a fiduciary capacity. All services cover one or more areas within wealth management – involving the accumulation, growth, maintenance, preservation and distribution/dissemination of one’s assets/resources.Even if JEDI is providing a stand-alone service (e.g. investment management), it is important to have a clear picture of one’s entire financial life (e.g. balance sheet; cash flow; other quantitative metrics along with qualitative factors) since the management of wealth is an integrated and coordinated process.

Below contains JEDI’s typical services; however, they may be tailored to meet the specific and unique needs/circumstances of a given client. Additionally, JEDI frequently works with other professionals for the ultimate benefit of its clients (e.g. including, but not limited to, attorneys, such as estate planning attorneys, accountants, pension actuaries, lenders, etc.). Finally, since life is ever-changing all plans/planning should be viewed in terms of a life-cycle rather than as a one-time, set-it and forget-it endeavor.

  • Investment Management: Please click here to learn more about our Investment Philosophy.

  • Financial & Estate Planning: Addresses unique aspects of relevance within one’s life (e.g. may include, but not be limited to, planning with respect to cash flow, retirement, education, insurance, employee benefits, legal [inclusive of ownership and beneficiary designations of assets], health care, divorce, procurement of debt and debt management, special needs considerations, etc.).

  • Qualified Plan Management/Advisory: Providing services to plan sponsors of both (a) employee participant defined contribution plans (e.g. 401ks) and (b) employer/trustee directed defined contribution plans (e.g. Profit Sharing). JEDI renders services in either an ERISA Section 3(21) Advisor or ERISA Section 3(38) Manager capacity. For additional information on such services please click here.

  • Business Planning: Varies based upon the business’s needs, but often includes one or more of the following:

    • Succession Planning.
    • Review of Shareholders/Partnership/Membership Agreement.
    • Review of Buy/Sell Agreement and Operating Agreement.
    • Financial health assessment.
    • Designing executive compensation strategies.
    • Analysis of offered employee benefits package.
    • Assistance in securing needed financing.
    • Evaluations and negotiations with respect to the purchase and/or sale of real estate and/or a business entity.

In sum, JEDI functions as your financial team leader, very much like the general manager of head coach of a professional sports team. Regardless of the sport, every team’s approach is similar:

  • Acquire relevant knowledge.

  • Investigate, study and research to determine your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses (“SWOT” Analysis).

  • Develop strategies.

  • Develop the game plan.

  • Implement the game plan.

  • Monitor, modify and fine-tune the game plan as necessary.

JEDI serves in the same way with respect to your personal and business finances:

  • Establish, and define, our relationship.

  • Gather relevant knowledge and data – both quantitative and qualitative – about you, your family/loved ones, business, etc.

  • Process the information and analyze/evaluate your financial status/affairs.

  • Develop and present recommendations/alternatives given your unique circumstances.

  • Assist with the implementation of recommendations to the extent you concur with them.

  • Monitor, and manager, your plan over time as your goals, circumstances, objectives and/or external factors change.

Please contact us to learn more about our personalized approach to wealth management. Simply click here and decide how you wish to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!